Kevin McCall Reignites Rumor That Eva Marcille Is Allegedly Dating Missy Elliott: Poor Mike

Eva Marcille, Mike Sterling, Kevin McCall, Missy Elliott

Kevin McCall Reignites Rumor That Eva Marcille Is Allegedly Dating Missy Elliott: Poor Mike

Eva Marcille Sterling has had issues for years, with Kevin McCall, the biological father of her daughter Marley Rae.

Late last year, a grand jury in Georgia reportedly indicted Kevin McCall with a felony charge, criminal damage to property in the second degree. That charge stems from an incident involving Kevin McCall and an officer at a local courthouse where he was attempting to gain a custody agreement concerning Marley Rae. During the incident, McCall allegedly tried to hit an officer before they both took a tumble down an escalator, breaking the officer’s glasses.

Kevin McCall has never been afraid to take to social media to voice his issues with Eva, and their former relationship.  In a recent post, he questioned his daughter Marley Rae’s Wikipedia page that now reads ‘Marley Rae Sterling.’ Eva Marcille legally changed the child’s last name to that of her husband’s, Michael Sterling.  He wrote,

“What age do kids start googling their name? They better get better at lying.”

He then reignited a rumor that began in 2018, stating that Eva Marcille and Missy Elliott have been and still are in a relationship,

“Everyone knows that @missElliot sends the best Baby shower gifts…too prove She will always be TOP DOG. Mike. Missy comes first sir.” 

He closed out his rant with a message to Eva’s husband Mike Sterling and referenced her other famous ex, actor Lance Gross. 

“I feel sorry for Mike Sterling because he doesn’t know about the trips to Dubai the industry runs through ex models and leave them desperate and have to rely on having children with successful men for steady income and to keep the man…I got out and my punishment was lies to people with no high school diploma (reality tv watchers) haha I’m made it out alive! Poor mike you’ll see in a couple years maybe less. Me and Lance dipped for a reason haha duh.”

This isn’t the first time Eva Marcille has been publicly accused of having a relationship with Missy Elliot.  Back in 2018, she addressed their friendship on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and said:
“I’ve never dated women. I’ve never dated Missy. I’ve never dated any of these people. They’re my friends, they’re friends that I’ve had in the business for a very long time.”
Check out the clip below:

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Authored by: Demi Lobo