Kanye West’s Ex Bodyguard Shuts Down TikTok Star’s Claims Rapper Summoned Him To Meet In Hotel Room

Kanye West’s Ex Bodyguard Shuts Down TikTok Star’s Claims Rapper Summoned Him To Meet In Hotel Room

The rumors surrounding Kanye West amid his alleged inevitable divorce to Kim Kardashian West continue. This time, his former bodyguard has stepped in to defend him.

Steve Stanulis sent TikTok star Cole Carrigan a cease-and-desist after he claimed to his followers that Stanulis arranged for him to meet Kanye West at a W Hotel in November. In a video, Cole Carrigan shared screenshots of what he alleged were DMs between him and Steve Stanulis. He added:

“I obviously can’t say much… I don’t want a lawsuit from Kim Kardashian West, but these are literally the DMs from the security guard… well, ex-security guard – that reached out to me before we started texting, so that’s all I’m going to say.”

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West

He claimed he met Kanye West at a party in Bel Air, Calif. and Steve Stanilus allegedly started messaging him on behalf of West.

“He asked if I remembered him from the party and he said that Ye wanted to meet me tonight.”

He continued and said Stanulis arranged a ride for him to meet West before sending him a non-disclosure agreement. Carrigan doesn’t name the actual security guard, but in one clip he shows Stanilus’ picture from his Instagram account in the alleged DMs.

Stanulis denied the allegations to Page Six and said he’s never talked to, or even met, Cole Carrigan, and that he worked for West back in 2016 in New York City. His lawyer, Dmitriy Shakhnevich, said in a statement: 

“As you know, these images are not authentic, and the statements you made arecompletely and entirely false. In fact, our client hereby denies ever meeting you, speaking with you or, more broadly, even knowing of your identity prior to January 7, 2021. As such, our client denies, in the strongest terms, all of these false and defamatory statements involving his name and likeness.”

His legal team added that Carrigan’s statements were defamatory and wrote in a letter:

“our client has directed our office to immediately initiate legal action against you, which will include the aforementioned cause of action, and possibly others.”

They also demanded an apology to Stanilus, Kim Kardashian West, and Kanye.

“for publishing defamatory statements that you knew were false.”

They also ordered the social media star to stop posting about Kanye.

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Authored by: Char Patterson