Billy Porter Says ‘Magic Has No Gender’ As He Opens Up About ‘Genderless’ Fairy Godmother Role In ‘Cinderella’

Billy Porter –

Billy Porter Says ‘Magic Has No Gender’ As He Opens Up About ‘Genderless’ Fairy Godmother Role In ‘Cinderella’

Billy Porter is taking on the iconic Fairy Godmother role in Amazon Prime’s new film, Cinderella. 

Billy Porter

The Pose star will join Camila Cabello, who plays Cinderella, in the remake of the classic film.

Centered around a young girl, who is used and abused by her step-mother before falling in love with a prince, Porter will play her Fairy Godmother who helps her get to the ball.


When writer-director, Kay Cannon imagined the film, the role of Fairy Godmother was not genderless. However, when Billy Porter landed the role, things changed. On his role, Porter said,

“It evolved and the things that came out of the evolution was ‘magic has no gender,’ so make it genderless, gender-free, gender fluid whatever you want to say. There is no gender.” 

Simply named, ‘Fab G,’ Kay said she wrote the role with him in mind. The director added,

“The actors all came later except for Billy Porter’s part. I typically write with people in mind all the time, that’s kind of my thing.” 

She continued,

You could look at the Fab G as if I’m trying to do something but really I was just showing it in a different way, and I think Billy is amazing and it looks great.” 

Billy Porter made history in 2019 when he won the Emmy for Best Lead Actor as the first openly gay Black man.

Billy Porter

Porter says he ran through his house when he got the call for the role, remembering how he wanted to be the male Whitney Houston, who played the Fairy Godmother in Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella alongside Brandy.

Although Billy is only in one scene, he still calls ‘Fab G’ his dream role and says,

“Dreams do come true even when you forget about them. I never would have imagined that in a million years.” 

Cinderella streams on Amazon Prime today, Sept. 3.

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Authored by: Ellori Nicole