Deion Sanders’ $3 Million Defamation Award Against Pilar Sanders Thrown Out In Court

Deion Sanders’ $3 Million Defamation Award Against Pilar Sanders Thrown Out In Appeals Court

Deion Sanders has been hit with another loss in his ongoing legal battle against Pilar Sanders.

As you may recall, former NFL star Deion Sanders–who was named the head football coach of Jackson State University last year–has been involved in legal drama with his ex-wife for a while. Following his 2013 divorce from Pilar SandersDeion Sanders claims she made a series of defamatory statements about his character on social media. This allegedly resulted in Deion Sanders‘ reputation taking a nosedive, causing him to supposedly suffer various financial losses.

Deion Sanders

As a result, Deion filed a defamation lawsuit against Pilar Sanders back in 2014–claiming his ex-wife

“has published, and continues to publish, statements on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, You Tube and other social media accusing Plaintiff of child abuse, abuse of the Defendant, assault, murder, and other crimes (the ‘False Statements’). She has also appeared on television, specifically the ‘Bill O’Reilly Show’, making similar abuse allegations.”

Pilar Sanders

The pair continued to battle it out in court over the next few years, with Deion Sanders initially being awarded a $2.2 million judgement against Pilar Sanders–though it was ultimately thrown out because Deion failed to prove his case.

Now, it appears as though history is repeating itself! It turns out that Deion Sanders filed another lawsuit against Pilar Sanders–receiving a $3 million defamation award in the process. However, a Texas-based appeals court recently threw out the judgement and ruled that Deion had once again not proven his case–effectively siding with Pilar. Specifically, the court ruled that Deion Sanders failed to show

“how he knew those losses occurred because of Ms. Sanders’s statements, rather than for any other unrelated reason.”

Neither Deion nor Pilar has publicly commented on the matter, though–on the day the defamation award was thrown out (Nov. 19th)–the ex-athlete tweeted:

“I Forgive you. #CoachSanders”

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Authored by: Nick Fenley