Drake – Baltimore Rapper Rye Rye Says She Was Sampled On His New Album & Wasn’t Credited Yet: My Team Is Working On It

Rye Rye, Drake

Drake – Baltimore Rapper Rye Rye Says She Was Sampled On His New Album & Wasn’t Credited Yet: My Team Is Working On It

When it comes to samples, everyone wants the credit they’re do, including rap artist Rye Rye.

The Baltimore native was ecstatically surprised after discovering her voice was featured on the record “Currents” from Drake’s new album. However, Ryeisha ‘Rye Rye’ Berrain, 31, says she’s currently fighting to be credited!

As previously reported, Canadian superstar rapper Drake, 35, shook the world after surprise releasing his seventh studio album earlier this month. The House Music anthology titled, Honestly, Nevermind, was met with confusion by his audience. While the rap star normally remains in the R&B/pop genre, for his latest project, Drake instead sampled music from staple House Music cities like Baltimore and Jersey.


Initially speaking on her signature adlib “what” being heard on the record, Rye Rye tweeted to her 33k followers:

“I ain’t been able to hold my shit together all morning knowing that I’m sampled on @Drake “Currents” song I knew my “what” was legendary in the club world but d**n this crazzyyyyy”

After celebrating with fans who’ve been following the musician’s decade long career, the “Move 2 Da Beat” artist followed up with:

“Let’s be clear I ain’t get my credit on that Drake record yet but my team is definitely working on it but I’m still gonna celebrate my legendary a** voice on a @Drake record vocal been spending the block for over a decade & im glad my city & sound made such big influence”

Rye Rye

Some social media users continued to interact with the dance club artist, asking why she even cared about a sample on a “bad” album. To which Rye Rye took to instagram and offered a lengthy response. She wrote:

“At the end of the day I’m very excited about being on a Drake record.. my thing is ppl attacking me because I feel like I deserve my credit,”

Then continued:

“yes I’ve been getting sampled for years no credit not even a mention I don’t care if I said one word it’s still sampled from my Baltimore club song and it’s already been hard for Baltimore getting recognition anyways… i come from the projects in baltimore so yes im geeked to hear myself on a drizzy record lol.… why can everybody get credit but I can’t want none? Either way I’m still not gonna take away from me celebrating .. things will get worked out ima firm believer anyways I did that lol”

Drake nor his team have not publicly responded to Rye Rye’s request at this time.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson