Kimora Lee Simmons Says ‘Real Housewives’ Producers Call Her Often: I Don’t Have The Patience

Kimora Lee Simmons Says ‘Real Housewives’ Producers Call Her Often: I Don’t Have The Patience

It looks like Kimora Lee Simmons has been approached several times to be a part of The Real Housewives franchise!

During a recent interview, the 47-year-old model and tv personality revealed that producers from The Real Housewives have asked her to come on board and join the popular franchise. Kimora Lee Simmons explained,

“Different producers call me all the time, people call me to be a part of their show all the time. I actually recently just said that I would [take a meeting with the producers].”

While she said it’s still “to be determined” whether she’ll join the show in the future, she revealed that she may be open to doing it one day.

She continued,

“I wouldn’t mind doing it, but it would just have to be under the right circumstances.”

Kimora Lee Simmons

The former reality tv star also asked questions about how the stars of the show really are. She said,

“Here’s what I just don’t understand, because I don’t watch TV: Are they mean to each other? Are they rude to each other? Because the clips I’ve seen and the things I’ve heard, they’re kind of fight-y.”

While Kimora admitted to liking many of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars like Kyle Richards, Kathy Hilton and Garcelle Beauvais, she is still apprehensive. She explained,

” I like these women, but are they gonna invite you to a dinner party and then edit it to look a certain way? Because honey, I’m not the one. I don’t have the patience for that.

The Baby Phat founder went on to explain what her true goal and motive would be if she returned to reality tv.

“I want to compel people, teach people, aspire people, uplift them, I want to show them how to be bad Bs, how to look great, feel great, manage everything, fall apart if you have to but get back up and keep going. That’s what I want to show on TV.”

Kimora Lee Simmons

Kimora Lee Simmons once had her own reality tv show, ‘Kimora: Life In The Fab Lane’ which aired from 2007-2011 and followed the model and her family through their day-to-day life as well as various people who worked for and with Kimora.

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Authored by: Monique Nicole