Rapper Kamaiyah Arrested At The Airport For Allegedly Having A Loaded Gun In Her Handbag

Rapper Kamaiyah Arrested At The Airport For Allegedly Having A Loaded Gun In Her Handbag

Kamaiyah is unfazed by her recent run in with authorities. 

According to reports, rapper Kamaiyah was busted by police after she was allegedly caught with a handgun in her purse at the airport. Burbank police source stated that Kamaiyah was catching a flight from Burbank, California to Oakland on Wednesday (Sept. 7th) when TSA agents claim they found a loaded .380 semi-automatic pistol inside of her purse. 

Agents discovered that the Oakland native had a long overdue warrant for her arrest from a infamous incident which occurred back in 2019. Police allege that 30-year-old fired off a round inside of a moving screening room at a condominium complex in Burbank. Kamaiyah took to Instagram on Wednesday (Sept. 7) to address her recent arrest. In the post the rapper explained:

“I don’t have a warrant for my arrest. Last week I was on my way to Oakland to get my hair done and accidentally left my gun in my purse at the airport. I’m laughing in my mugshot because I told the guard you gon have me on the blogs looking like a hedgehog and look at me a week later on the blogs looking like a damn hedgehog.”

The rapper captioned her post:

“I tried not to say nothin so it wouldn’t get out but clearly that didn’t work. Playas fuck up mayne mind ya’ll damn business.”

A statement from authorities read:

“Ms. Johnson was detained by TSA in the passenger screening area of the airport after an agent located a loaded handgun inside of a purse she had in her possession.”

The statement continued:

“Police responded, rendered the weapon safe, and placed Ms. Johnson under arrest. It was also discovered there was a warrant for Ms. Johnson’s arrest stemming from a 2019 investigation in Burbank of a negligently-discharged firearm inside a movie theater of a local condominium complex. She was booked and held on $70,000 bail, but has since bonded out of custody.”

Kamaiyah, born Kamaiyah Jamesha Johnson, was detained and held on $70,000 bail, before posting bond. The rappers latest album titled “Divine Timing” released its deluxe edition a few weeks back.

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill