Update: Tory Lanez – Recently Released Video Footage Seems To Confirm August Alsina’s Claim That The Canadian Rapper ‘Sucker Punched’ Him Because He Didn’t Shake His Hand

Tory Lanez, August Alsina

Update: Tory Lanez – Recently Released Video Footage Seems To Confirm August Alsina’s Claim That The Canadian Rapper ‘Sucker Punched’ Him Because He Didn’t Shake His Hand

Update: It seems like Tory Lanez wasn’t telling the truth surrounding his latest altercation with August Alsina.

Today (Sept. 19) video footage was shared online that seems to confirm August Alsina’s claims that he was jumped by Tory Lanez and his team because he refused to shake hands with the Canadian rapper. In the video clip, you can see Alsina walk past Lanez, who has his hand stretched out for a handshake. However, after Alsina ignores the “Broke In A Minute” rapper he appears to become visually upset.

In the next scene, Lanez talks briefly with his team before pulling his pants up and rushing in the direction of Alsina. You can hear an onlooker say,

“Don’t do it, you already shot Megan [Thee Stallion!]”

Before the video cuts, it appears to show an agitated Lanez after the altercation went down. Another fan can be heard saying,

“You knocked his a** out, Tory!”

The witness added,

“Tory said he just knocked August Alsina a** right out! One punch!” 

The video hitting the internet comes after Lanez came forward and denied even seeing Alsina during the night in question. During a recent interview, he said,

“Nothing happened. I don’t even know what this kid is talking about.”

Lanez added,

“I don’t know if he’s doing promo. I don’t know what that n*gga is talking about.”

However, despite what Lanez had to say, Alsina is sticking by his claims that he was jumped. He even shared graphic images of the injuries he sustained during the altercation.

Original Story: Music artists Tory Lanez and August Alsina were recently involved in a physical altercation.

According to a social media blog, Tory Lanez, born Daystar Shemuel Shua Peterson, 30, knocked out his fellow musician August Alsina, 30, for allegedly being shady towards him at a recent event. The post claims that Alsina was “in his feelings” about previous comments Lanez made about his relationship with Jada Pinkett Smith. While no video or photos of the incident have surfaced online, both Lanez and Alsina have seemingly confirmed different versions of an altercation did occur.

August Alsina

The story began after Gossip Of The City Tea on instagram/twitter detailed how the alleged situation went down. Via twitter they wrote:

“Tory Lanez KO’d August Alsina tonight after August got froggy with Tory over something Tory said months ago. Tory was trying to show him love and August wanted to take it to a negative place & got knocked out!”

Tory Lanez

And continued:

“August was the negative one , not Tory. August felt some kind of way because Tory said he wouldn’t have “snitched “ on jada like August did. Tory tried to shake his hand and August ignored him. Tory asked him about it and August got negative and told him to keep that same energy.”

Allegedly, Alsina was still holding on to unknown beef with Lanez about previous comments made about his relationship with actress Jada Pinkett Smith. If you recall, the “Entanglements” singer circulated headlines a few years ago after confirming and detailing his time romantically spent with the 51-year-old TV personality, while she was in an open relationship with her famous TV husband Will Smith. The Smiths sparingly opened up about the situation on an episode of Red Table Talk, leaving many to give their personal thoughts and opinions about the matter.

Lanez gave his point of view at the time, stating he wouldn’t have “snitched” on Jada, which is why Alsina allegedly still has beef with him. After news that the singers got physical with each other began to gain traction, the “Say It” artist seemingly confirmed it was true by liking the story when asked about it on his IG. However Lanez shortly after claimed the like was an accident and that he wasn’t confirming anything.

Alsina on the other hand did confirm the altercation via Twitter. The musician retweeted a post from the original outlet who broke the story, claiming the entire ordeal was set up by Lanez camp. Alsina also says footage of the incident wasn’t released because it’d reveal Lanez sucker punching him. The post read:

“They staged that sh*t, they had a camera recording the whole time. He ain’t go post the video because he go incriminate himself for doing that h** a** sh**. Anyone can sucker punch someone when they not expecting it. That man was talking to Tory , who let them girls hype him up cause August didn’t shake his hand. Tory stated and I quote this from the security mouths ” I should go slap this mf, then proceeded out towards us with his security, August was in the truck already with me then saw Tory walking towards us and he got out to talk to him Once they started talking about what happened on social media, Tory said “I’m on whatever you on, took two steps to the left handed the security his blunt, all while August was moving to the side thinking they was about to talk in private when Tory sucker punched him, then ran behind his security who already had a line formed. Tory went in the building performed ran out the side door. There you go all Facts”

Lanez has yet to make any further comments after Alsina gave his side of the story. The Canadian artist is likely gearing up for his coming assault charge trial involving Megan Thee Stallion.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson