Christopher ‘Kid’ Reid Gives Stamp Of Approval To LeBron James’ Reboot Of His Hit ’90s Film ‘House Party’

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 Christopher ‘Kid’ Reid Gives Stamp Of Approval To LeBron James’ Reboot Of His Hit ’90s Film ‘House Party’

Christopher “Kid” Reid has given his stamp approval to LeBron James‘ “House Party” reboot.

Reid, half of the popular hip-hop duo Kid ‘n Play with Christopher “Play” Martin, praised the Los Angeles Lakers legend for keeping the brand strong as it relates to the film. The reimagining of the movie is produced by LeBron James’ SpringHill Company and Maverick Carter.

During a recent street interview, Reid joked about the size of his cameo in the reboot. He said,

“Don’t blink, you’ll miss it. Don’t sneeze.”

In response to whether LeBron James tapped him for the film, Reid said,

“Kind of telepathically…He didn’t hit us on the hip, but we learned that he was a part of it and the channels that it kind of goes through. We understand that LeBron has been very supportive of Kid ‘n Play in the past [through] some of the actions that he’s done, doing the ‘Kid ‘n Play’ in the TV commercial. His kids were dressed up as Kid ‘n Play some years back. So we knew there was a fondness both ways.”

Back in 2009, LeBron and his agent Rich Paul—who happens to be dating Adele—starred in a State Farm commercial where Paul‘s car was broken into by burglars who only left behind a Kid ‘n Play CD. This set the stage for LeBron and a State Farm agent to perform the group’s well-known dance from the original 90s film.

In 2013, just before Bronny and Bryce became basketball stars in their own right, LeBron gave his sons the signature Kid ‘n Play haircuts.

House Party reboot Kid 'n PLay

Reid added that he’s urging everyone to watch the film and support the new generation of actors, who did a great job carrying the torch in the remake that is so dear to his heart. He said,

“I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way.”

Christopher “Play” Martin previously spilled just a little bit of tea about the reboot of the classic film. In response to how “deeply involved” LeBron was, he said,

“He’s very involved. He has complete ownership, to my understanding, at this point. The release was supposed to be on HBO Max [on] July 28 and then no one knew what happened because it got pulled from the schedule. I’ll leave it like this, from a very reliable source — it probably don’t get no more reliable than the king himself — that now it’s going to be a theatrical release.”

House Party reboot

He continued,

“I don’t know how people will feel about how good the film itself will be, that we’ll have to see. But with all of that being said, I think it’s exciting. I think it’s exciting for Kid and I, I think it’s exciting for a new generation of actors that are involved now. When you’re dealing with a classic, it kind of speaks for itself. … The people involved are very talented.”

Like his group-mate, Martin also gave props to LeBron for showing them nothing but love.

In addition to Kid ‘n Play, the original “House Party” film franchise starred Tisha Martin, Martin Lawrence, A. J. Johnson, Daryl Chill Mitchell, and the music group Full Force.

The new version of the film features “The Chi” actor Jacob Latimore and Tosin Cole as leads. Melvin Gregg (SnowfallThe United States vs. Billie Holiday), Rotimi (Power, Coming 2 America) and Allen Maldonado (BlackishStraight Outta Compton) also appear.

And as a side note, Reid disclosed that his well-known high-top fade originally cost him only $25, a significant difference from the $1,000, $500, and $420 price tags that Diddy, Kanye West, and Lil Baby are rumored to pay their barbers.

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Authored by: S. G.