Ari Fletcher Calls Out Airbnb Owner For Seemingly Exposing That She Stayed In Their Home: That’s So Unprofessional & I Was Working On Something Private

Ari Fletcher Calls Out Airbnb Owner For Seemingly Exposing That She Stayed In Their Home: That’s So Unprofessional & I Was Working On Something Private

No pictures, please! Especially when it comes to Ari Fletcher.

Recently, Ari Fletcher booked an Airbnb to work on an exclusive project (with Moneybagg Yo), and the owner of the Atlanta property shared some behind-the-scenes photos that the socialite wasn’t too happy to see floating through her social media feed.

The said post, which appeared to have been uploaded to Facebook, read:

“Moneybagg Yo and Ari filmed [their] 1st cooking segment together at 1 of our Airbnb properties. Go subscribe to other YouTube. It will be dropping soon and I’ll drop the link in the comments.”

Later in the caption, the home holder continued by promoting the residence in an effort to gain potential customers.

“If you want to book this property in ATL, [the] link will be in the comments.”

MoneyBagg Yo, Ari Fletcher

If you don’t know, Ari Fletcher is the host of her own YouTube food series, ‘Dinner With The Don,’ which is viewable on her channel, TheRealKyleSister.

Following the frowned-upon advertisement, Fletcher took to her Twitter to voice her unpleasant sentiments on the landlord’s decision to not only disclose her private location but the purpose behind it.

The 27-year-old wrote in her tweet:

“If I payed for a air bnb like a regular normal customer, why would you post pictures of me inside your air bnb telling people we was there.”

She added,

“That’s so unprofessional and I was working on something private. I haven’t been at a air bnb in years and this why cause that sh*t ghetto!!!”

Amid Fletcher blasting the Airbnb’s overhead, some questioned why ‘The Impact’ star (previously) shared an image of herself in the discrete pad if she was going to be frustrated by the proprietor’s reveal.

Fletcher responded with claims that the homeowner was keeping an eye on her via camera footage, indicating that it was still illegal and inappropriate on their behalf.

“People saying I posted a picture in the house SO!!! I never posted what I was doing or who I was doing it with! That’s sh*t they [saw] and watched on the cameras. That’s weird AF!”


Fletcher has since remained quiet about the situation. No word on if the other parties have given a response or if the influencer will seek legal repercussions yet.

Ari Fletcher has been in the press for speaking her mind quite a bit lately. Earlier this month, the Chicago native opened up about her thoughts on her ex/baby’s father, rapper G-Herbo, recently unveiling that he cheated on her with ‘Love & Hip Hop’ alumna Emily B’s daughter, Taina Williams, while they were together. The shocking confession was made while G-Herbo appeared on City Girls’ phenomenon Yung Miami’s show, ‘Caresha Please.’

When asked to give her take on the infidelity during their relationship, Fletcher candidly said,

“I mean, I’m not going to lie, I kind of always wanted him to just be upfront and honest because I always felt like it was just me like fighting against all these people and trying tell my truth. But you could’ve just said, ‘This b**** ain’t crazy, I’m wrong.’ You could have just did that all along, but I feel like, people are going to do what they are going to do.”

Ari Fletcher and G Herbo, Taina Williams

She concluded:

“It’s like, now, at this point, I don’t really care, because back then I would have loved that. Like, ‘Thank you,’ take this weight off my shoulders, let these people know that I ain’t tripping.”

Fletcher and G-Herbo share one son together.

Who do you feel was in the wrong – Ari Fletcher or the Airbnb owner? Let us know in the comments below!

Authored by: Ashley Blackwell