Snoop Dogg Recalls The Time Michael Jackson Reprimanded Him For Blowing Weed Smoke In His Direction

Snoop Dogg, Michael Jackson

Snoop Dogg Recalls The Time Michael Jackson Reprimanded Him For Blowing Weed Smoke In His Direction

Hip-hop vet Snoop Dogg recently shared a funny interaction he once had with Michael Jackson.

The West Coast rapper gave his best impersonation of the pop icon gently condemning him for intentionally blowing smoke his way back in the day.

Snoop Dogg, real name Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., spoke about the matter during a recent interview with Bravo exec Andy Cohen. After Cohen asked the “Gin and Juice” artist about his relationship to the late singer, Snoop claimed that he and Michael Jackson “were family” and revealed that they even recorded a song together that has yet to be released. He went on to state that two also never really had any issues, except for the one time they had dressing rooms close together.

Michael Jackson

The rapper explained that during a celebrity event back in 2008, the both of them were booked to perform. After his set, Snoop says he went back to his dressing room to roll up a joint, as is custom for the rap star. However, his associates allegedly warned him against it because Jackson’s dressing room was right next to his, much to his disbelief. Breaking down what happened next, Snoop stated during the interview:

“I’m like ‘no it ain’t’, they like ‘yea it is’, so I’m like hold on, open the door (imitates blowing smoke)…he was right there looking at me.”

Changing his voice to mirror Jackson’s staple high pitch tone, Snoop continued:

“He said ‘Snoop don’t do that'”

Laughing, the musician went on share that the aforementioned record the two collaborated on was a philanthropic song that featured many other artists, likely similar to Jackson’s iconic song “We Are The World”. Seeing as though the story between Snoop and the superstar singer was sweet enough, maybe we can hope to see the moment play out in Jackson’s forthcoming biopic. As we’ve been covering, the Antoine Fuqua directed film, coming to theaters April 2025, will star the pop sensations nephew Jafaar Jackson and recently signed on “Euphoria” star Colman Domingo to portray the family’s patriarch Joe Jackson.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson