EXCLUSIVE: Tamar Braxton’s Mom Evelyn Braxton Pissed Singer In Contact w/ Vincent Herbert – Why is He Still Around Her!

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Tamar Braxton's Mom Evelyn Braxton Accuses Vincent Herbert of Domestic Violence, He Denies Abuse Allegations

Tamar Braxton’s Mom Pissed Singer In Contact w/ Vincent Herbert

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports that Tamar Braxton’s mother, Evelyn Braxton, was blindsided when she learned that her daughter and her estranged husband Vincent Herbert had been in constant communication recently. Specifically, sources tell us that she was ‘pissed’ when she saw him backstage with Tamar at her recent Atlanta concert for the Xscape tour.

She was blindsided when she saw him. She was heard asking people, ‘Why is HE here?’

Sources says that she was baffled that her daughter would have Vincent around her, especially since he was arrested just a few days earlier, on Christmas Day, for spousal assault.

As previously reported, Tamar and Vincent were spotted together backstage at the concert and footage surfaced of the pair partying together at an after-party. See the clip.

Photogs also caught the pair arriving at LAX with their son Logan.

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Evelyn’s alleged disdain for her son-in-law comes as no surprise. Last month, she did an interview stating that she saw Vincent physically abuse Tamar. See the clip below.

Prior to deleting her Instagram account, Tamar released a statement denying that she’s reconciling with Vincent. See the statement below.

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  • siarasheree

    I no longer believe this storyline..

  • Hotfiyah

    Tamar mother obviously didn’t get the script!!!!

    • gellie

      She definitely didn’t get the updated script. My Lie-O-Meter was going off with Mama Braxton anyway.

      • CARAMEL96

        I didn’t believe Mama E from the get go. She was talking to TMZ & saying “Vin” was abusive and she afraid he was going to hurt Tamar and then she was making her talk show debuts. She was living off of Vince’s coins too.

        • pretap

          CARAMEL96, ALL of these shows ARE SCRIPTED, but it’s very sad and tragic the way this is all going down, especially for the sake of their son.

        • Ladyshopper


    • keona3157

      She’s just not going to lie for him remember Tamar loves him so she is going to protect his image and lie most abused women do Miss E she is the mother so she’s going to speak the truth for her daughter regardless if her daughter wants to lie to protect her man

  • Lenza the stylist

    I told y’all! This is a hott mess


    Birdman’s coin has taken the place of Vinces’ coin. Now they’re trying to get rid of Vince. Before Birdman came on the scene they were team Vince on everything and then some. No one would stand up to Vince or Tamar. Now Vince is suppose to be sooooo terrible now. They’re replacing him with “put some respeck on my name”! Lol I would love to know why Lashawn Daniels and his wife disassociated themselves from Vince and Tamar.

    • msjanuary

      I have wondered about that myself. They were tight as a couple and often a part of the show. Suddenly they were gone. Inquiring minds want to know!

      • Monica Jones

        truly I hate breakups. I really would love to see them stay together if it is possible through God.

    • Dianne Coakley

      Why do you need to know? Will knowing help you help this couple child understand what is happening between his parents. If no, the pray that this child parents remember to put him first and their problems last.

      • pretap

        Dianne Coakley, the ONLY ONES Who CAN TRULY help ALL parties involved if they are willing to let “Them”IS God/Jesus Christ, but I have yet to see them be willing to do so. Fame and money seem to be dimming their view of what’s really IMPORTANT when it comes to the Kingdom and their ‘stand for ‘God/Christ’.

    • Monica Jones

      Let’s just pray for the family.

      • pretap

        Monica Jones, I am praying for ALL of them but at some point in time, they MUST SEEK Jesus for “themselves” (and be for REAL when they do it) and stop with the carnal christian lifestyles. God/Jesus get sick of us too (I believe) and WILL EXPOSE us, in order to ‘help us turn back to God. What does the Bible say about “gaining the whole world but losing your soul”? How many of them ask themselves, “is it really worth ALL of this”?? Lord help them?!

    • Silknsatin

      I read somewhere that there was some type of falling out between them in regard to Tamar and her career. Can’t remember exactly what the blog/article said, but apparently some words were spoken that crossed some boundaries.

    • Ladyshopper

      100% agree with your statement.

  • Vanessa Alim

    Drama gueen Tamar …on the real show, she said she had been with an abusive boy friend and now the husband. I just don’t believe it.

  • Elaine Heath

    Tamar and Vince are fame whores and so is her entire family. Will not be watching their shows anymore! How dare them to mislead the public!

    • keona3157

      Just because she’s famous haven’t we all seen women that are in love with the wrong man but continue to stay with that man because of the sake of a child or to have a family even when it’s not good for them yes a lot of this is probably for sure but much of this is what we see everyday with our own families a woman lying to protect her man what’s new about this

  • keona3157

    I believe mama Ev she is the only 1 that has no reason to lie she is always been a no nonsense type of woman. Like she said if she reported it Tamar would have said she we lying. I always wondered why all her sisters hated Vince Why would Tamar call the police to report spousal assault but then say later he never hit her. Also Tamar practically begged her mom to move in with her she even tried begging her to come back so she never asked to live off his dime

  • Twisted Vixen

    THAT’S not the afterparty. That’s still the concert…backstage. I went to both. Didn’t see him with her at the afterparty..

  • Efrain Rivera

    Look you are the mother and if she like to be smack around to make a few thousands of dollars you have to l let her go cause you getting into their marriage can be a problem even though your her mother she will defend her man.and throw the family to the wolfs.but one thing you get a nice big piece of metal and crank him on his knees he tries to attack you again you Crown the big water buffalo

  • Efrain Rivera

    And again I know Tamar got sharp tongue so someone bad to put a hold on it.her sisters never did not the mother or father so I guess Vince had to stand up to that position.and I knew there was more than what the viewers were seeing because her two best friends from the show disappear from the show Tamar and vince. But now she has child and the child should never see any abuse toward the mother or father cause Tamar is very fresh In the mouth.boy if I was one of the sisters trust me I would bust her mouth Tracy almost did twice.but she just walk off and thought about it towanda is another one that cross her of her list.but then she act like why my sister’s are mad at me .ITS THAT DAMN MOUTH WHAT GOT HER ASS KICK OUT OFF THE SHOW.SHE THINK SHE IS TO GHETTO NO BUBU YOU ARE WHAT YOU ARE trifling. And nobody care for her.i love the sisters but Tamar she is on her own.dont think she should be abuse but she made her bed so nows she has to lay in it

  • Harriett Thomas

    He is still her husband

  • ceeceebaker

    This bitter heifer needs to sit down and stay out of married folks business. She still bitter from her marriage and does not want to see anyone with anyone else. She is till in contact with him for two reasons, her husband and they share a child. If he was so abusive, she would not be around him. Tamar does not seem like the type to accept abuse. Go get you a man Evelyn. All that plastic surgery and you still single.

    • Deb Dyson

      Get it told, Ceecee Baker. That’s the same thing I said, I don’t have big mouth Tamar being abused & staying with him. Not when she could have left & still got his dough. I have never liked the mother she needed to find her some business years ago…. so, she had plastic surgery????