(EXCLUSIVE) Rapper Plies Fights $500k Lawsuit

Then recently, Plies went to court and demanded the $504k judgement be thrown out explaining he never even knew he was being sued.



The rapper said that he was never served with the legal papers in the case. He says the plaintiff’s former lawyer – who is now disbarred from practicing – attempted to serve the papers to an address he has never lived at or had for business purposes. The judge sided with Plies and vacated the default judgement and allowed the case to continue on.

Then on November 3rd, the rapper fired back at the concert promoters explaining that he never signed a contract with the promoters and there are no documents to back up their claims against him.

Further, the rapper says the company waited too long to file their lawsuit against him since the statue of limitations states they had to within 3 years of the alleged breach of contract.

Plies is demanding the entire case be thrown out of court and the promoters awarded NOTHING.

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Authored by: TJB Writer