Fat Joe & Remy Ma Release “All The Way Up” Video Feat French Montana & Infared

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Fat Joe & Remy Ma have reunited premiering the video for the hit single, “All The Way Up” with assistance from fellow rappers native French Montana & Infared.

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The single is off their collaboration album, “Plata o Plomos” and is produced by Edsclusive (Miami). In the video, it features cameo appearances by Remy’s husband fellow rapper Papoose & producer DJ Khaled sharing some inspirational words from his Snapchat. The video is directed by Eif Rivera. On the track, Remy rhymes

Just left the big house to a bigger house
Ain’t have a girlfriend but the bitch is out
Chanel croc bag, shit ain’t even out
With the gold chains, Himalayan, Birk’ and cocaine
Lit it up, Pac shit, I hit ’em up
I’m talkin’ color money, purple yen and blue dirham
I got brown lira, I ain’t talkin’ ’bout Ross bitch
I’m that nigga on Viagra dick

Watch the video below.

By –@ms_hip_hop

Authored by: Kellie Williams