Lil’ Mo Explains Fall Out W/ Queen Naija – Since When Was It Okay To Disrespect Legends & OGs?

Lil’ Mo Explains Fall Out W/ Queen Naija

Lil Mo is clarifying her feelings about Queen Naija. The two singers had a previous spat in 2018 after Mo criticized Naija for singing while pregnant during the Soul Train Awards. During a Breakfast Club interview, Mo is asked if she thought Naija can sing,

I didn’t say that!


I know when I’m pregnant – and I got a lot of kids – I don’t sing. The backstory is, John P. Kee is my uncle, that’s how I got started in the gate. That’s who’s suing her now for stealing his old melody…but then when she was talking crazy about my uncle, talkin’ bout, ‘Well tell him we need to go preach the gospel song.’ Woah woah, we not doing that! Since when was it okay to disrespect the legends and the OGs? And because, I know a lot of higher ups – and it’s a lot of people who still respect my opinion that you may not see on the regular basis – they’ll tell me, ‘Sh–her team treats people a certain way if they found that you’re of importance or of you someone of status, then they’ll be nice to you, but if you’re just regular, they not gone speak. But then I was like, ‘Yo, shawty, if you get up there–’ and I would have been like, ‘Nah, let me just sing my song and do my set. Y’all can save this cypher until I have this baby cause my diaphragm ain’t right’ Cause clearly it look like she ain’t wanna be there.

Clarence, Naija’s fiancée, has responded to Mo’s claims. He posted a clip clarifying how he thought Lil’ Mo was Ashanti initially.  He added on Twitter,

Please don’t let being on tv fool you I turned down love & hip hop twice I make way more on YouTube..

Authored by: Andre Palmer