Tamar Braxton Says Unhealthy Eating May Have Triggered Her Lightweight Depression: I Feel Like Sh*t, I Hate Who I’ve Become

Tamar Braxton

Tamar Braxton Says Unhealthy Eating During Quarantine May Have Triggered Her Lightweight Depression: I Feel Like Sh*t, I Hate Who I’ve Become

COVID-19’s stay-at-home orders are getting to us all. Singer/reality star Tamar Braxton is taking it particularly hard. On her live YouTube show, Tamar Takes Presents…Taco Talking Tuesday, Tamar Braxton opened up to her To Catch A Beautician co-host, Johnny Wright, about how eating unhealthy while quarantined has triggered a depression in her.

“I don’t like it. And I almost feel, like, lightweight depressed…you ever done just like a binge of eating bad, and not drinking water, not exercising? I just don’t feel like myself, and I don’t like it one bit. I’m usually fun and…the life of the party. And I think because I’ve putting all of this poison and bad things that I think, at the time, makes myself feel good I have – with being in the house – I’ve brought myself almost into a light depression.”

Tamar Braxton also questions how the world will work after quarantine. She revealed that she feels like she’s lost herself in masking her feelings with food and entertainment:

“I don’t know how we’re all gonna go back to our regular lives, because social media has played a very poignant point in everyone’s life. And the poignant point is everyone being popular…I want to say that there isn’t a blueprint. You’re not gonna get there from a blueprint. You’re not gonna get there by following somebody else’s path…”

“I’m gonna be a hundred percent transparent, I feel like I’ve been masking all of my feelings. I haven’t had water until yesterday. I’m masking my feelings with food, with television, with looking at other people’s pages…it’s almost like I’m trying to find myself when I already know who I am. You know who you are…I feel like sh*t! I hate who I have become in these past five and a half-six weeks! I’ve been closet-eating in quarantine!”

She, later, likened her methods of masking her feelings to her late niece, Lauren Braxton. On Wednesday’s (4/29/20) one-year anniversary of Lauren’s death, Tamar posted this message on Instagram:

“@tamarbraxton The fcknesssssnesssss of it all @lolobrax I waited till the end of my day because I didn’t want to post this. I’m still in disbelief that It is real. A whole 365 days and nights later I still remember when I was told, where I was, where I was going, what I had on & also my heart breaking into a zillion pieces. I couldn’t tell anyone why I’ve been so blue these past few days. I couldn’t shake my pain….In many ways we shared hiding how we truly felt. I know you are my beautiful angel and sometimes I can see your image.you know that. I remember this picture. I remember naming you and arguing that you would be mad if u didn’t have the name Lauren Christina(they didn’t listen) (you were mad when i told you) just like then, before I met you, you were my baby, you still are. And will always be. I love you.”

theJasmineBRAND is keeping Tamar and the entire Braxton family in our thoughts and prayers.

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay