Tamar Braxton’s Ex Fiancé Jeremy ‘JR’ Robinson Seemingly Spotted Out On A Date w/ Tommie Lee Days After The Women Threw Shots At Each Other Online

Tommie Lee, Tamar Braxton, Jeremy ‘JR’ Robinson

Tamar Braxton’s Ex Fiancé Jeremy ‘JR’ Robinson Seemingly Spotted Out On A Date w/ Tommie Lee Days After The Women Threw Shots At Each Other Online

Looks like reality TV star Tommie Lee is taking her beef with Tamar Braxton up a notch.

The internet personality posted a video of her flirtatiously hanging out with the singer’s ex fiancé just days after they exchanged words online.

Tommie Lee, real name Atasha Jefferson, 39, uploaded a post where she appeared to be attending a basketball game with Jeremy ‘JR Robinson, 46. If  you recall, the “Queens Court” contestant revealed he ended things with his ex boo Tamar Braxton, 46, back in October. The two met and got engaged on the Peacock dating series and were together just a few short months before calling it quits.

In a recent post, where he’s posted up with Tommie, however, the “Baddies West” star is seen rubbing her hand on his and poses for the camera before recruiting him to join her video. Though she never states the nature of the outing, it seems safe to guess the two were on a date, which is interesting seeing as though Tommie and Tamar recently threw subliminal jabs at one another.

Their beef sparked up following the viral situation involving Chrisean Rock and one of Tamar’s back up singers. As we previously reported, the 23-year-old Zeus star was accused of assaulting James Wright Chanel at a stop on Tamar’s “Love & War” anniversary tour, which resulted in a hospital visit for James‘ part and in Rock deleting all of her socials.

Reacting to the situation, Tommie reportedly wrote in the comments of a blog reporting on the story:

“I just wonder would this one, not all this rest, but if she wasn’t there, would this one have been this viral…remember the question when you respond,” 

Tommie Lee

She reportedly doubled down on her stance while responding to critics of her post, adding that she hasn’t seen any hype around the “Braxton Family Value” star’s tour prior to the situation with Chrisean. The remark prompted a heated response from the Tamar, who went on to state:

“…before someone takes my phone…if you on cocaine and your name starts with a T and [you] never even sold out a bag of blow pops…stay silent. God bless y’all. Let me and my team heal from this trauma in peace.”

Though Tamar didn’t name any names, Tommie has been open about her past struggles with substance abuse. Back in 2019, the TV star shared that she was seeking treatment for the issue after she was arrested for allegedly assaulting her child and then detained again for arriving to her court session about the aforementioned case intoxicated.

Hitting back at Tamar, Tommie reposted a message that read “Nothing a b*tch say apply to me so ion be moved at all..”, adding the caption:

“Gotta address me for it to hit muppet baby”

Tamar opted to strike back with:

“So, now y’all want me to address out-of-work reality stars??!! Never. Me and my ‘muppet’ employed a** will keep you on the list if I need a non-fighting cokehead for $2,500 an episode for one of these shows of mine I’m casting for. We not the same. Go sell some a** for your next hit. I’m finna come with my next HIT.”

Which led to Tommie adding in a subsequent post:

“I can’t even ask a question w/o H*s getting Ina frenzy don’t flatter yaself mama be glad I noticed”

She then took to X (formerly Twitter) letting off a round of a few more insults.


Do you think Tommie Lee was being messy posting pics with JR? Or was the date innocent? Tell us your thoughts in the comments! 

Authored by: Kay Johnson