(EXCLUSIVE) Ciara Sues Future For 15 Million: He’s trying to ruin my career!

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Following the parties break-up, both plaintiff and defendant embarked on new personal relationships. However, it is important to note that given Plaintiff’s celebrity status, her relationship with her current significant other became highly publicized in April, 2015, and has been a subject of media attention since that time. Plantiff’s new significant other is also a public figure.

Ciara claims Future has made several false and defamatory statements to journalist and members of the media which have been re-published to millions of listeners, readers and viewers around throughout the world.

The singer accuses Future of exploiting her new relationship with Russell by beginning a media campaign around June 2015 in which he used both their son and her new relationship with Russell to spread lies about her to promote his new CD.

Ciara points to the infamous HuffPostLive interview in which Future spoke about not waiting till marriage to have sexual relations with her. She says that her ex inappropriately divulged details of their personal life to the interviewer and millions of listeners, saying that Future only brought it up because Russell spoke about waiting to do anything sexual with Ciara until they were married.

She also points out to interviews her ex did with The Breakfast Club radio show.

She says it is clear that Future does not share her sentiment and desire to keep their family law matters private and confidential for the sake of their kid. Further, she blasts her ex for accusing her of implying that she needed Russell and also that she used her son as a publicity stunt after a photo was taken by a photographer that showed her with Russell and Future Jr. in a stroller.

Following this public accusation, Ciara says,

shockingly, instead of ceasing from his egregious behavior in attacking the mother of ones of his children in the media, Defendant continued to make several other false and defamatory remarks about her.

She points out to his interview with XXL magazine in which he spoke about the NFL star and his son with Ciara being photographer together and accused her of being evil with her actions.

Ciara, Baby Future, Russell Wilson

Ciara, Baby Future, Russell Wilson

The suit says that Future knowingly made false statements in an attempt to ruin her reputation in the industry and harm her reputation and Ciara claims his comments have indeed affected her potential professional opportunities, which she says directly relate to her involvement with children and her parenting of their son.

Ciara also says Future has subjected her to public contempt and ridicule just as he intended to do with his comments.

The last straw for Ciara was Future’s tweets including statements he made about her not allowing him to see his son for over a year and accusing her of having control problems, along with saying he had to go through lawyers to see Future despite paying her 15k a month.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 10.07.12 PM

Ciara says all his tweets were a gross inaccurate and false impression of her. She explains that the rapper has never paid her 15k a month in child support since his birth, but she says he tweeted it to cast her in a negative and disparaging light.

The singer says since December 2014, Future has seen his son about 19 different occasions. Some of the occasions spanned several days. Ciara claims she has gone out of her way to bring her son to Georgia to spend time with his dad. She says she has also made their son available to see in Los Angeles, when the rapper is visiting or any other city they are both in at the same time.

Ciara says Future’s goal is to assassinate her name, reputation and character, all in an attempt to make sure she never works again as an artist.

She states that her legal team contacted Future’s lawyers demanding a retraction and apology about his tweets regarding her being a mother, but he didn’t care to respond and no apology was issued.

Ciara filed suit demanding over 15 million from Future for spreading lies about her as a mother and trying to ruin her entire career, along with an order prohibiting Future from speaking about their son in the press … and she wants 250k in legal fees for having to sue her ex-fiance in court.

Future has yet to respond to the lawsuit.

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  • Kentre

    shit just got real

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  • Marysol


  • Scot

    crazy shit

  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t take Future to ruin her career. That shit been dead. #Next

    • Tiffani


  • Lori

    It doesn’t take Future to ruin her career! That shit been done! #Next

  • Melissa

    YASSS CI CI!! Take his @ss to court!!!!

  • dee

    This was long overdue. Drag him, Ci!

    • Anonymous

      And your a dumb bitch

      • Shari

        “Your a dumb bitch”….Interesting, because there aren’t any misspelled words in Dee’s sentence. However…… In your case, you should use spell check. It’s You’re (You are)

  • Tress

    About time!

  • Derek

    Good. He’s not a real man anyways. All that gossiping he be doing . She needs to win this case !

  • Kim

    We as black folks need to use the legal system more.We tend to handle things in a street way.Which often leaves us short out here.His comments probably for real messed with Russell business.Handle his ignorant behind.CeCe your career was already done baby.(old southern lady accent) lol

  • Nena

    Good for her. He need to leave her the hell alone. He’s been publicly harassing her for a year and I know she’s tired of it. No one deserves that. The relationship is over. Move the fuck on!

    • Blondi

      Ciara need to sit down with all her publicity stumps. The truth will be revealed.

  • Hendrix

    Her pussy stank just like her career.

    • Blogger

      From what hear C knows that ….
      Is gay that’s why he doesn’t want to have sex with her she don’t do it for him and she don’t care she just part of that 80 mil

  • gj

    Ciara keep it classy. Future is garbage and he’s trying to destroy your relationship because Russell is so much better than him. Keep your head up and keep God First! It’s time for you and Russell to get closer to god! Cling to the lord and he will give you strength!

  • Whatup

    R leave C now she is a snake that will do anything for money and fame she don’t deserve

    • AD

      You do realize Ciara’s net worth ($17 million) is more than Future’s ($4 million and Russell’s ($14 million.) Ignorant people always equate popularity to success, especially as it relates to the entertainment industry. Although Ciara’s musical career isn’t where it “used to be,” per se, she still is very relevant overseas, where you actually make more money and have more longevity, not to mention she still collects on publishing, record sales from around the world, royalities from radio, endorsements and modeling, and she just signed on to be the face of Robert Cavalli.

      • Eve

        oj, Basiu, Basiu… To ja tylko popatrzÄ™, bo ziemniaki mleko TAK, ale już poÅ‚Ä…czenie ciasta z ziemniakami to jakbym mojego dziadka jedzÄ…cego ziemniaki z chlebem widziaÅ‚a:). To ja sobie zrobiÄ™ wszystko to, co poÅÅ‚‚¼yÅoaÅ› na tartÄ™, dobrze?:*

      • Awe, this was sad! Im unable to have children of my own and this breaks my heart! That infection was karma! Poor baby he’s not being a brat, he’s being a baby. There is a very distinct difference.

      • Aliás, verá, se vasculhar no meu blogue, que não uso a palavra "prova" ou "provado", acho eu.Uso "evidencia" e "suporte ou não suporte" de hipotese.O que acha?

      • en mendoza no pasaron el debate y las cartasllame al canal y dijeron que lo pasaran a las 3 de la madrugadame parese una falta de respeto al publico que los siguese puede hacer algo?

  • Nate

    looool, you ruined your own career in 2007.


    This is a smart move. Why have a social media war which is so childish and uncouth (FUTURE) when you can get a gag order like a boss. Any fight they get into publicly is detrimental to their child. She obviously has Baby Future in mind. Big Future won’t leave her alone. He is dogging her day after day while she is minding her business. He brought this on himself. Cease and desist, fool.

  • Katina

    First, Future has done nothing wrong. Ciara chose to make a baby out of wedlock hoping he would marry her cause she knew he was on the rich! Second, she’s bitter cause she made a bad decision in thinking she could break up his other baby mama relations and be his only woman. Third, she doesn’t want him to be successful for himself. Ciara is now dating a multi-millionaire, so why would she go after the father of her child in such an evil way? She’s bitter because she wants FUTURE and she’s scared Russell will have another white wife.
    Ciara, Future is not the reason for your lackluster career. I hope the judge slams you for being so evil!

    • AD

      You sound ridiculous speaking definitively about people you know NOTHING about. You do her net worth is more than both Future and Russell. Future is only worth $4 million and Ciara is worth $17 million. smh.

      • Katina

        Mo money, mo problems, eh? The more you have the more you want. Sorry you disagree but this is true. I don’t have to know them personally, my wisdom and discernment is on point so I am never, ever ridiculous, I feel sorry for you.

  • Dime

    She mad cause she can’t get that ring a bling from Russell. She’s a restless wench who wants to control every situation and ruin every man she deals with. That’s why Future burned rubber getting away from Ci-Cierror!

  • My opinion, I don’t think Ciara has truly gotten over Future. I believe she suffers from guilt and embarrassment of having a child, like many women out of wedlock and with the wrong man. I’m sure she wanted better for herself and thought that maybe she could have a true meaningful relationship with Future. However, it didn’t quite turn out that way. They have a child together and both of them need to stop with all of the immaturity and name calling and foolishness and try to raise a God-fearing, respectful young African American male. Because that young child who will soon be a young male, will face some challenges, that only come with being a black male. Grow up Ciara! Grow up Future! You child needs the two of you to get along!

    • Guest

      I agree. How could she possibly not still love Future if she must see him everyday in the face of her kid? It’s guilt, and I think she would choose Future if he’d choose her. She knew he would be rich in music. I think her actions indicate she wants revenge, or she wants him to want her. That little baby does not need to cling to Russ cause he’s not his daddy. Ciara needs to stop making herself look hungry and put some clothes on & carry herself like a mom and a 30 year old woman.

      • Nah, I think she’s done. She might truly be embarrassed about hooking up with him and getting herself in this mess in the first place, but I think she’s done with future. She’s been mostly quiet through this whole mess, but now she’s just tired. She doesn’t need his money. She’s got her own. She just wants him to shut up and leave her alone.

  • peaceful

    It’s time for this to come to an end Ciara should win this case future need to be made to pay for all the harmful, hurt and damage he has caused this girl. He needs to be made to pay a good amount in child support be checked for mental illness, drug testing alcohol testing and any other kind of testing the man truly has issues within himself . Ciara should fight for full custody of her child even if she don’t win it, it’s okay but at least fight for it for the safety of her son. Future brought this on himself now he just need to deal with it.