[Video] Tasha Smith Talks Working With Bobbi Kristina, The State of Reality TV & New Show

‘For Better or Worse’ actress Tasha Smith recently stopped by Power 95’s ‘The Breakfast Club’ and had a candid conversation about how reality TV has taken away from real actors and actresses, women sharing men, working with Bobbi Kristina, and her past gigs as a stripper and stand up comedian, and plenty more.

Peep a few excerpts from the video below:

On the pickings being slim for Black women and “sharing a man”:

I believe that we still have to have our faith. I don’t feel that we should just give up…and I don’t even believe that a man can even handle that much…you can barely handle the one you got.

On the state of [reality] television today:

All the fights and disrespect to one another…we just got to take some responsibility. If you want to think about this world 25 years from now, what kind of world do you really want to exist for your children?

On the changing landscape for actors:

Yes, it has taken programming off of the air for actors, not just African American but White, Asian, Spanish, everything…it took away from an hour drama or half hour comedy, but thank God we have more Black shows on TV than ever.

On Bobbi Kristina’s guest role on “For Better or Worse“:

I did not have to give that little girl one note…Tyler is just smart as a filmmaker, he can see what works especially with a new actor and pull that out of them.

On Tyler Perry’s character:

He believes in being a giver. You’re talking about a man that didn’t have anything, he lived in his car, he was homeless…he’s always looking at things from the perspective of where he was when he didn’t have.

On her past as a stripper:

I started out doing stand up comedy…you ain’t making no money. Trying to get from comedy club to comedy club, it cost money. I met this chick who was like “well I know how you can make some money…

Watch the full interview below: