Michael Jordan’s Son Marcus Jordan Addresses Ongoing GOAT Debate Between MJ & LeBron 

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Michael Jordan’s Son Marcus Jordan Addresses Ongoing GOAT Debate Between MJ & LeBron

The son of NBA hall of famer Michael Jordan is weighing in on his father’s historic ESPN documentary, ‘The Last Dance, as viewers continue to compare the NBA’s past superstars to those of the present day. On Wednesday (May 6th), Marcus Jordan and his sibling were invited to discuss their thoughts on The Breakfast Club. During their discussion, Marcus Jordan says he’s an avid Twitter thug when it comes to his father’s documentary and the comparisons to future NBA star LeBron James. He said:

“I’m like a Twitter warrior. I like to pick my fights on Twitter and the hardest thing about watching the documentary early is holding on to them tweets when the doc went live. It’s so hard.” 

He adds,

“You can’t debate it. The eras are so different now. The game is so different now. I honestly feel like you can’t have a serious debate but it’s always going to happen.”

Marcus Jordan later explained how Michael Jordan told him to stay away from the Twitter debates,

“My Dad’s PR people are always monitoring my tweets trying to make sure I don’t get out of hand. So there has been sometimes where I tweeted about [what] I think [about] LeBron or something and my Dad texted me. He set me up, he said ‘hey, how are you doing.’ I said ‘I’m good dad, everything is fine or whatever.’ He said, ‘Stay off Twitter.’

His sibling, Jeffery Jordan says,

“I let Marcus handle all of that. I’m not getting into that. Marcus does enough talking for all of us.”

As previously reported, Shannon Sharpe of FS1’s ‘Undisputed,’ also spoke on the hot topic comparisons. He said earlier this week:

“Why is everyone taking this documentary about Michael Jackson and using it as an opportunity to dump on LeBron?”

He added,

“When they made the documentary about Michael Jackson, ‘This is It,’ nobody took a shot at Prince.”

Check out a clip below:

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Authored by: Gregory Molette