Damon Dash Ordered By Judge To Appear For Deposition In Film Lawsuit

Damon Dash

Damon Dash Ordered By Judge To Appear For Deposition In Film Lawsuit

Music executive Damon Dash has been ordered to appear for a deposition in which he’s being accused by director Josh Webber of ripping off a film titled “Dear Frank”.

After skipping out on a previous deposition on November 20, a judge is giving Damon Dash one more chance to appear, reportedly “no later than the end of January 2021.”  According to the court order, should the Roc-A-Fella co-founder miss it again, a “default judgment will be entered in favor of Plaintiffs.”

An attorney for Damon Dash reportedly claimed that his client only missed last month’s deposition because his wife, Raquel Horn, gave birth early to their child.

In a widely spread video of Dash’s initial deposition, he’s seen going off on the opposing attorney in this case.  He was hardly contained as he called the attorney (named Chris Brown) a “culture vulture,” accusing him of not caring about Black people.  He also threatened to “ruin [him] as a lawyer”.  Dash expressed to Brown,

“I bet you I’m gonna make you famous.  I’m just giving you rope to hang yourself.”

According to reports, Dash is being sued by “Dear Frank” director Webber, who claims in court docs that Dash was briefly involved in the project — but continued to try and sell the flick as his own movie, even after he was let go.

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Authored by: Robin Ayers