Floyd Mayweather Addresses Rumors He’s A ‘Wife Beater’ & ‘Not That Smart’: You’re Entitled To Believe Whatever You Wanna Believe

Floyd Mayweather Addresses Rumors He’s A ‘Wife Beater’ & ‘Not That Smart’: You’re Entitled To Believe Whatever You Wanna Believe

During his recent appearance on Barstool Sports’ Million Dollaz Worth of Game, Floyd “Money” Mayweather discussed various aspects of his life and career.

Within the hour-and-a-half-long interview, Floyd Mayweather first spoke of his love life to hosts Gillie Da King and Wallo267. The hosts playfully inquired about how Floyd Mayweather manages to juggle “40 girlfriends,” and the ex-boxer responded with:

“I live my life the way I wanna live it, and–no matter what–you can’t please everybody.”

After asserting that his personal intentions are to avoid judging others, Mayweather opens up about others’ perceptions of him as he grew in fame. He stated:

“As I accomplished more and kept accomplishing things, you’d start seeing different things like ‘oh, he’s a wife-beater’ or ‘he’s not that smart’… you hear so many different things. And I just felt like, okay, you’re entitled to believe whatever you wanna believe. But I had to have some type of common sense, some type of smarts, some type of intelligence, to be where I’m at.”

Mayweather then goes on to discuss mixing family with business, and he mentions that his children have to show they “deserve” the perks that come with being associated with his celebrity. He then outright claims:

“A lot of my family members work for me, but if I feel like someone else can do the job better then I’ll remove them. That [doesn’t] mean I don’t love them—it’s just business.”

He continues,

“Family members feel like you owe them something. And I just say to myself… ‘the 50 times I got in [the ring], I’m the only person that had to get in there.'”

Shortly thereafter, Mayweather reflects on how his dad helped him get to where he is currently, as “he believed [in me] when no one else believed.” Resultingly, Mayweather claims to have never trained under anyone other than his father or his uncle out of a strict sense of loyalty.

Then, “Money” Mayweather begins dishing on, well, money! After addressing the importance of saving money and telling the audience that they should always try to save half their earnings, he then addresses how he encourages others around him to be successful.

“I push everybody around me to be great. Even like my security team, I’ll say, ‘Listen, while y’all working with me, y’all build your own security team on the side… I believe in making everybody around me great. ‘Cause if every time I make a lot of money [I] just give you a lot of money and you don’t got [any] ambitions and you ain’t got no drive, all I’m doing is crippling you. I’m hurting you.”

Staying on the subject of cash, Mayweather recalls his first big boxing check at the age of 19, stating that the $100,000 he got that day stood out to him more than the multi-million-dollar checks he later received, as it was his very first one. He then touched on the difference between being rich and being wealthy, noting the former is only short-term and that one needs to have a real plan in order to turn their richness into long-term wealth.

Mayweather also addresses a question about whether he would officially end his retirement for the sake of money. After claiming “My health is my wealth” and “I don’t want to be like that,” he further elaborates:

“The great thing about my career is this: I quit when I wanted to quit. I was in control of my career. When fighters gotta fight when they don’t want to, that’s not a good feeling.”

However, he follows up with a reference to his business-oriented mindset and his upcoming promotional fight against Logan Paul:

“No money is worth my health. No amount of money. But I’m still a smart businessman. Now, we’re talking about a Logan Paul? A YouTuber? For $100 Million? Gimme that.”

Floyd Mayweather is scheduled to box Logan Paul on June 5th.

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Authored by: Nick Fenley